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Posted by diapro Oct, 19 , 21

Kinds of reusable diapers

Comparison of different kinds of reusable cloth diapers With so many incontinence products available today with varying protection levels and fits and sizes, it can seem like a daunting task to determine which is right for your circumstances. Understanding the basic principles of cost, fit, and protection levels can help...

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Posted by diapro Sep, 02 , 21

Cloth or Disposables?

In order to get the best solution for your specific incontinence needs, it is important to read about the different products beforehand.
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Posted by diapro Aug, 23 , 21

Incontinence - You Are Not Alone!

The fear of leakage may keep many people who suffer from bladder problems from going out and enjoying life, but thanks to the wide variety of adult incontinence products, they should no longer be afraid. 
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