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Incontinence - You Are Not Alone!

Incontinence - You Are Not Alone!

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  • Aug, 23 , 21

Adult diapers, frequently referred to as Adult briefs, or Incontinence underwear, are ideal for people from all ages who suffer from incontinence. Adult diapers are a solution for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. They feature products that address a wide range of incontinence problems and are suited for women after birth as well as immobile patients, or the elderly. Adult diapers are not just for bedridden individuals, you can continue to lead a full and active life.

It's an embarrassing subject that not many people talk about openly. It might surprise you to know that Approximately 24 million Americans suffer from some type of urinary incontinence but are often otherwise healthy. This includes mentally challenged people, women after childbirth, or people who recover from surgery. For these people, as for the elderly, adult cloth diapers or disposables can make life more enjoyable.

Stress incontinence, for example, is a type of incontinence experienced by both men and women. It happens due to the weakening of the pelvic muscles and thus cannot hold urine (or bowel movements).

The fear of leakage may keep many people who suffer from bladder problems from going out and enjoying life, but thanks to the wide variety of adult incontinence products, they should no longer be afraid. These incontinence products are made for both sexes. There is a wide variety of adult diaper styles such as briefs, overnight diapers, swim diapers, and much more; making it easy to manage incontinence and to still continue your daily routine and social life. 

You can consult with us about the different types of products we have to offer. If you can't find the right product for you, we're here to help! 



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