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Cloth or Disposables?

Cloth or Disposables?

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  • Sep, 02 , 21

Disposable Adult Diapers

Disposable diapers have their own positive aspects that may make them a better choice for you.

You will not have to deal with washing messy cloth diapers when you are using the disposable type. The ease of use may make this more of the right choice for those who do not have a washing machine or those who cannot operate it.

Of course, the downside is that these diapers are much more expensive, not recyclable and are not good for the environment.

Reusable adult diapers

Reusable diapers, also referred to as cloth diapers, are a good solution for many incontinent adults, and they are available in different levels of absorbency to meet an individual’s needs. These come in various fabrics and styles.

A reusable adult diaper is a pair of underpants, designed to absorb a large amount of liquid. They are made from multiple layers of cloth or towel fabric, and absorb liquids. Reusable diapers are made from cloths of various absorbencies. They can be safely washed and dried with other clothing and then be worn again.

Reusable diapers come in styles for men and women. They are available in sizes from very small to xxx-large. Choosing well-made diapers is important, so they fit well and do not result in embarrassing leaks.

There are many advantages to using cloth adult diapers as they are reusable and actually less expensive than disposable products in the long term. Reusable products have many attributes that are not found in disposables:

  1. Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers help the environment by not ending up in a landfill.
  2. They are designed for all levels of incontinence from light to heavy, including fecal incontinence, and products also include chair pads, liners, panties, and briefs for men.

Purchasing reusable cloth adult diapers is a cost-effective route to take when buying incontinence supplies.


In summary, it doesn’t matter which type of incontinence product you choose to use, you'll be able to get the protection you need. Both types of diapers offer benefits and both have minor issues. Your own preference is the only thing you need to consider when purchasing adult incontinence diapers.

Which factors should I consider when buying diapers?

In order to get the best solution for your specific incontinence needs, it is important to read about the different products beforehand. Online product listings can be so confusing, so our recommendation is to focus on these factors when making the decision:


Size is a critical factor. You want the diapers to have a close and comfortable fit on you, or your loved one’s body. A diaper that is too small or too large increases the risk of leakage accidents, rashes, and infections. Every diaper manufacturer has different sizing guidelines. Make sure to compare your measurements with the sizing information provided on the product packaging.

Backing material

The average adult bladder holds approximately 16 fluid ounces. When considering the absorbency of a product, ask the following questions:

  • When will the diapers be worn? note that most people tend to urinate more heavily at night.
  • What type of incontinence is the person suffering from? Is it strictly urinary incontinence, fecal, or both? Make sure the product you choose offers the right protection. The more absorbent the incontinence product, the better. When urine or fecal matter are able to pool, it’s not only uncomfortable, but dangerous.
  • Do you, or your loved one, suffer from allergies? Certain materials can cause skin rashes to develop.


Odor elimination

The bacteria in urine and fecal matter emits odors and harmful vapors. These factors increase the risk of urinary tract infections and skin problems. Focus on breathable materials with the right amount of absorbency that suites your needs.



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